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Maggie Center

A Center for Practical, Social,
& Emotional Support for People with Cancer

Advisor: Ryan Tyler Martinez

Adjunct Assistant Professor at USC School of Architecture

Graduate Thesis Coordinator

USC, 2023 Fall

Featured in 2024 USC Blueprint Exhibition

Grid to Volumes

This project’s layout is from a grid; a grid allows me to divide the square footage of each program evenly. I chose rounded space as the form language to give cancer people a sense of harmony. To achieve that, I added layers of circles on the grid, generating a series of shapes and rearranging them back to the grid to have the final layout. Moreover, I squeezed them to make the shapes more integrated.

Model Photograph

Pinch & Peel


The parti of this project is pinching and peeling. You can see the pulp inside when we think about peeling an orange. I used peeling on the facade to create various windows.

Volumes / Interior:

are sequences of contained spaces resulting from the articulation and accumulation of surfaces. The inner or indoor part of something, especially a building; the inside. The volumetric experience of space through section and perspective. The phenomenological notion of space, light, mood, and atmosphere. When you pinch the middle of an orange, the juice will spill out from both sides. Applying pinching to the joints of each volume allows people to feel regenerated when moving from one squeezed space to an extensive space.

1st Level Floor Plan

2nd Level Floor Plan

Composite Drawing

Building Elevation

Longitudial Section


Model Photography 1'-0" = 1/4" Section Model

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